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Jenn is absurdly fast and reliable – plus, she’s an absolute blast to work with. She’s a top choice for me to partner with on client projects, because I know she’ll deliver every time, from intake to edits. So grateful to call her a friend and colleague, and if you’re smart, you’ll make sure you can, too.

Dusti Arab

Fractional CMO

There are A LOT of moving pieces in my business. I hired Jenn as a funnel strategist to dive into my existing funnels to see what was working and what wasn’t. She helped me see the holes we had in our funnels and developed a simple strategy for us to bring in new subscribers with clear list-building funnels so we can make the most of our launches and evergreen offers. Working with Jenn was straightforward and I appreciate the effort she put into our strategy! I would highly recommend working with Jenn on your funnels.

Susan Hyatt

NYT Bestselling Author, Business Coach

Jenn is a fantastic copywriter, and has been a core member of my team for over a year. As a multiple-seven-figure CEO with lots of projects and launches going on, I am so happy to have Jenn in my corner. I can always count on Jenn to write high-converting sales copy that connects with my audience and brings in more sales — and she always hits deadlines. I have worked with Jenn on over a dozen projects, and it is always such a smooth experience. It is a magic combination to work with someone who is really, really good at their craft but also really, really organized and respectful of deadlines. Jenn’s the best and I’m lucky to call her a part of my team.

Sabrina Phillip

Business Coach

The most common questions


01. Can I book a call with you?

Yes. You can book one here. 

02. What makes you different from other copywriters?

13 years of experience. A killer combo of left brain/right brain thinking. My BBA in accounting. My veritable charcuterie tray of testimonials. 

03. Will copywriting make my business more money?

99% of the time, abso-freaking-lutely. However, copywriting isn’t the only factor. That’s why I only work with clients who have their strategy nailed down OR who want me to help them with strategy. 

04. Can you write like me?

Yes. I’ve been writing for my clients for over 13 years, and I cannot explain exactly how it works, but I am always able to capture their voice. 

05. What results can I expect?

Results will always vary based on what you’re offering, but my clients typically see amazing results. Check out some testimonials above.

06. How will I get my copy?

I live and die in Google Docs. It makes it easy for everyone on your team to access the copy and put it to work. 

07. How long will this take?

It depends on your project! But launches + funnels are typically 4-8 week long projects. Retainer projects are ongoing.

08. Do you have payment plans?

Of course! A deposit is always required to start a project, but we can do a few different payment plans depending on your project and budget.