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Jenn Robbins has worked with a wide variety of clients for more than twelve years.

To respect client privacy, anything that is not currently public available online is only available by request (with the exception of any work covered by an NDA). Click here to request access to her full portfolio that includes email marketing examples, white papers, and more. 

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Scroll through a few of the kind things clients have said about working with Jenn. Some of these people are solopreneurs, some are agency owners, and some run 7-figure businesses. But there is one thing they have in common: they loved Jenn's work AND made money from her time, her words, and her strategy. 

Jenn is the Marie Kondo of funnels. Except, unlike Marie, she has not given up on tidying up, haha! She will tidy up that funnel like nobody's business! And if you want someone to take your brain genius and put it into a funnel that makes sense for your business, HIRE HER. I'm a professional marketer and have been DIY'ing funnel strategy for TEN YEARS. I could cry from the relief of having my funnels clearly mapped out for me.

The best part of how Jenn works is that what she gives you makes it easier to communicate your vision to a team. It's the blueprint architecture that you can then bring folks to build, which makes every part of funnel building SO MUCH easier. I love that I can just reference these funnel maps as we build this out through the next quarter and I don't have to try to hold it all in my head or do my own crappy, exhausting, messy version of this.

Jamie Jensen - Award-Winning Writer, Brand Storyteller + Intuitive Business Coach

I am so grateful to you for helping generate a $40,000 on my first launch, and giving me the ability to shrug off ALL of my doubt! I came to you because knew I wanted to create an online course to better serve my audience, but I had no idea what to do with my course once I created it.

Your streamlined systems made it so easy to follow your process, our interactions were warm and efficient, and your ability to craft words that resonate with my target audience is so appreciated.

I cannot wait to recommend you to any and every person looking to sell a product (even if they don't know they need a copywriter yet). Thank you for everything

Jillian Starr - Teacher, Digital Educator, Educational Influencer 

Before we hired Jenn, our website and funnel strategy was not working. We were constantly changing lead magnets and offers, creating new ads, and still not seeing results. After working with Jenn to create our three primary funnels, we saw amazing results in a short time! We launched our challenge and saw an increase of 39%, which directly led to our first six-figure week!

Our front end funnel has been running with no changes for 5 months and covering all advertising costs - having this evergreen set up providing an ongoing stream of leads has totally changed the way we market and convert. We have been able to start truly scaling and also been able to focus our time and energy on growing the business and diversifying. The investment we made has absolutely paid off not only financially but also in the time we have got back to focus on other parts of the business. Working with Jenn was a game changer!

Kitty Blomfield - Founder, NuStrength Inc

I hired Jenn because I was tired of DIYing my funnels and wanted an expert to come in and fix them! She swooped in and took all the messiness and stress off my plate. Even when we changed things up and our funnels got complicated, she kept her cool and got it done. I went from having leaky, confusing funnels to three solid funnels that keep leads, buyers, and students coming, but best of all we’re increasing the long-term value of our subscribers with a solid plan to make more money in the follow-up. If you have a somewhat complicated funnel, Jenn can handle it and give you the peace of mind you need to focus on doing what you do best.

Lindsay Padilla - CEO of Wealthy Teachers, Inc and Hello Audio

“There are A LOT of moving pieces in my business. I hired Jenn as a funnel strategist to dive into my existing funnels to see what was working and what wasn’t. She helped me see the holes we had in our funnels and developed a simple strategy for us to bring in new subscribers with clear list-building funnels so we can make the most of our launches and evergreen offers. Working with Jenn was straightforward and I appreciate the effort she put into our strategy! I would highly recommend working with Jenn on your funnels.

Susan Hyatt - Author, Business Coach

Jenn is a fantastic copywriter, and has been a core member of my team for over a year. As a multiple-seven-figure CEO with lots of projects and launches going on, I am so happy to have Jenn in my corner. I can always count on Jenn to write high-converting sales copy that connects with my audience and brings in more sales — and she always hits deadlines. I have worked with Jenn on over a dozen projects, and it is always such a smooth experience. It is a magic combination to work with someone who is really, really good at their craft but also really, really organized and respectful of deadlines. Jenn’s the best and I’m lucky to call her a part of my team.

Sabrina Phillip - Business Coach

Focused, considerate, timely and kind are a few words I use to describe Jennifer. She loves to collaborate and figure out the best way to communicate a challenge or position and then nails it.

5 Stars.

Laney Silverman - Founder, The Design Boutique

Jenn Robbins is an absolute copy rockstar. She is one of only TWO copywriters I trust enough to refer any client to. I’m INCREDIBLY picky about who I trust for copy, but Jenn definitely deserves the trust. I’ve also used her for my own launches — and I do this for a living! Whenever she has any openings (and she rarely does), I suggest you snag them. Because if you don’t, someone else will! And they’ll be glad they did. And you’ll be over there in FOMO corner wishing you’d hired her when you had the chance. 

Lauren Vanessa Zink - Conversion Copywriter

Jenn produced interesting, persuasive, and clean copy on her first (and only) draft. She's reliable and professional, and absolutely knows her stuff when it comes to conversion copywriting. I'm grateful to have her in my back pocket for these types of projects.

Becky Mollenkamp - Business Coach