It might seem obvious, but the number one question I get asked about funnels is: do I need a funnel?

And my answer is always: One hundred percent–YES–you do! If you are in business, particularly in an online business, you need a funnel.

Do you need all of the funnels in the world? Of course not. But you absolutely need a few basic funnels, at the very least one funnel, to start.

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people are bragging that they don’t use funnels in their business–but they absolutely are! They may not call them funnels or even realize that’s what they’re doing, but all of them have a way of bringing new leads into their business and turning those leads into clients and customers. Guess what? That’s what a funnel is!

A funnel is simply an automated way of building a relationship, bringing new people into your business, explaining what you do, and getting them to know, love and trust you so you can make them an offer and they can become a client or a customer.

Funnels can look a variety of different ways (There are some basic elements of funnels, which I will talk about in another post.), but in its most basic form a funnel is simply an automated way to bring new people into your business so that you can sell them your offers.

I think sometimes people don’t want to say they do funnels because they think it sounds icky: “I’m just attracting new people to sell to them.” But as Kendrick Shope says “selling is helping.” Your business IS helping people, and if they are joining your funnel it’s because they want to learn more about you. They are already interested in the services that you offer or they wouldn’t be joining your funnel.

So let’s talk about the three reasons why you actually DO need a funnel:

1) Funnels help you consistently generate leads and bring new people into your business.

This is why you see so many ads for different products and services on Facebook and Instagram. When you click on an ad that interests you (I just saw one yesterday for cute flat-back earrings!) and the ad offers to send you a promo code for a discount or free shipping via an email, you’re joining their funnel! Funnels can look differently for online businesses versus physical products, but we all are (intentionally!) part of funnels at various times.

2) Funnels help transform those leads into clients and customers.

Funnels connect new people into our business so they can get to know us, learn what we do, and become a client or customer. It may start by simply sending someone a coupon code, but funnels help build relationships through consistent communication with people who are already interested in your business so they will eventually become a client or customer. (I am already planning to order those really cute north star earrings!)

3) Funnels supplement your referrals to ensure consistent business.

Like me, your business up to this point may be almost entirely built on referrals, so it’s tempting to think you don’t need a funnel. But at some point, those referrals dry up, even just temporarily, and when that happens you’ll be glad you already have a funnel in place. When you find yourself in a season where referrals are bringing in fewer than expected clients or customers, you can connect with the people who have been introduced to you through your funnels (even if that’s not what you are calling them).

You can call them whatever you like, but you absolutely do need funnels for your business. Funnels will help you consistently bring in leads, turn those leads into clients and customers, and have a safety net in place for when referrals dry up.

If your next question is, “But what kind of funnel do I need?” then you’re in luck. I have a quiz just for you! Click here to find out which funnel fits your business.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you have a funnel in your business? If not, why don’t you? Is it because you didn’t think you needed one? Have I changed your mind? Let me know!